Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Academics activities conducted by the institution

Date Topic Lectures given by
13-03-2019 Importance of practice of yoga in management of life style disorders Dr. Yajna BAMS
16.04.2019 Importance of knowledge of Dinacharya & Rutucharya in present era/td> Dr. Prashanth BAMS, MD
23.05.2019 Guest Lecture on Painless tooth extraction Dr. Vivek . J BAMS. MD
19.06.2019 Early Cancer detection and role of medical students Dr. Kameshwari Rao
17.07.2019 The scope and importance of Pharmacognosy in Ayurveda Dr. Kishore
28.08.2019 Pathophysiology of Malaria Dr. Vamshikrishnan MBBS. MD
16.11.2019 Guest Lecturer in Dengue Fever Dr. Prashanth Kulkarni
28.12.2019 Role of Acupuncture in Pain Management Dr. P n Bhat
10.01.2020 Ayurvedic Clinical Practice Dr. Chethan
03.02.2020 Aupasagarika Vyadhis Dr. Shrishail
05.03.2020 Role of Sanskrit in understanding Ayurvedic classics Dr Sriharsha, BAMS, MD
28.04.2020 The concept of Manas Dr Niranjan BAMS, MD
12.05.2020 Role of Uttarabasti in striroga Dr Kavyashree BAMS, MD
20.05.2020 Role of Basti in pain management Dr Raviganesh BAMS, MD
09.06.2020 Physiology of sense organs Dr Damodar, MBBS, MD
22.06.2020 Role of Yoga and Pranayama in prevention of disease. Dr Raghavendra BAMS MD
07.07.2020 Lecture on Nervous system Dr Ashvini BAMS, MSC in Anatomy
17.07.2020 Role of Tantrayukti in understanding ayurvedic classics. Dr Suchitra, BAMS, MD, PHD
10.08.2020 Vaccination Dr Renu BAMS MD
20.08.2020 Introduction to gynaecological surgical procedures Dr Kavyashree BAMS, MD
05.09.2020 Lecture on life saving measures in children Dr Gayatri, MBBS, MD
25.09.2020 Modern procedures in paediatrics practice Dr Renu BAMS MD
20.102020 Lecture on imaging techniques Dr Damodar MBBS, MD
06.11.2020 Principles of general Pharmacology Dr Ravi, B Pharm, M Pharm, PHD
24.11.2020 Lecture on ECG Dr Damodar MBBS, MD